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Llewellyn Lee and Poly.

Here you get to KNOW about me , this page is about my likes and dislikes and My viewpoint.

I am an Engineer with many years of experience in the electricity  and electronics field. I am a computing enthusiast. I am over 70 years old, in good health and very active and busy doing engineering design projects and writing  fiction. I have no published work at this time.

I am proud of the fact that starting in 1976, for 30 years I successfully ran my own group of enterprises and provided well  paid employment for a large number of people. In 2006 I shut it all down and concentrated on writing, I am full of stories.  I also registered a company ENERPLEX and am busy doing research and design for Electrical energy storage systems and a cheap way to harvest low temperature solar heat as electricity.

I am learning Spanish, When I have liquidated my assets, I will take  my money  and move to a Spanish speaking country.

I don’t like seeing animals or Pets maltreated.

I do not object to Rodeo or Bull wrestling and similar activity as long as the animal is not hurt. I love horses. If you watch a horses ears you can see when the horse is enjoying what it and its rider are doing together.. I love birds specially swallows. I do not mind fishing and killing some fish for the pot But wholesale catching just for the sake of it, is stupid. Fish should not  lie out of the water and die slowly, gasping for air . If You take them out of the  “keep net”, chop their heads off straight away. Boiling Crayfish alive is just mindless cruelty., surely there is a way to kill a crayfish painlessly before you COOK it. If it can’t be killed humanely then I would rather not eat it.

I do not like drunk people.

Getting merry at a party is just fine, But I will quietly call the Cops if I see you get behind the wheel of your car. I enjoy a beer with barbecue and a glass or two of neat “Dimple Hague ” scotch whiskey at New Year. By the way the  Japanese whiskey   called SUNTORI  is a real treat. A nice cheap, sweet, rich, very alcoholic RED wine goes down well with party snacks  and SOMETIMES a good  dry wine with diner. Otherwise I go for months without any alcohol.. I drink twenty cups of tea with milk and sugar every day and enjoy coffee too.

I hate Officialdom.

Everywhere you go there are officials who seem to take delight in making life as difficult as possible. I look at them and know that to take on an official job most, but not all of them, have low IQ. Sure enough the low IQ comes out very clearly  when you have to deal with them. Timothy     McVeigh  a   young man in America blew up an entire building full of civil servants. He killed hundreds of them and their offspring.. The media painted him as an evil person, I saw a LITTLE GUY who was finally driven to do, what I would often like to do, but would never have the courage to do.

I don’t tolerate religious Extremism, Muslims or Evangelizing Christians.

I am not a Christian, I subscribe to non of the religions, but I am also not an agnostic. I love that hymn “All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small”. When I look in wonder at some great view of the stars or natures beauty on  earth a hymn I learned as a child often comes to mind. “To God Eternal, the heavens utter Glory, from them afar his name is heard”.  I enjoy listening the SALVATION ARMY BAND and will always give a good donation.. I  love good old-fashioned Christmas  carols and will eagerly attend “Carols by Candle Light”. I am not a Christian, I do not like anyone to preach to me. I tend  to Politely reduce any association  with Muslims  and  “Happy Clappy Christians” .  I tolerate people’s religious views because I recognize that most people need a faith, which they use as a crutch,  to get them through life’s trials, but I expect them to respect my right to other beliefs. –     To know my religious philosophy  read “the Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran. You can find a free download copy by searching Google. Do keep in mind that his prophet is fictional. Kahlil uses him to convey beautiful  ideas about life, morality, belief and life-skills.

 I added this clause on 25th of April 2015 to PROTEST and express my  disgust at what Black Africans have done to the countries they took over from white rule. They would like to claim that they are my equal but they are not and never will be, it is about civilized standards, integrity and culture.

I admire scientists  and engineers and, people who excel at arts or crafts or  Music and  “Self Employed”  people.

These are the sort of people I want to humbly  associate with. Sadly   there are  many  in the scientific community who stick to old theories without question, because that is where the money is. They hold back the development and growth of  science and knowledge. The INTERNET  is a wonderful step up,  it facilitates circulation of new knowledge, theories and ideas. 


I Enjoy Smoking Cigarettes.

I am a smoker. I accept that others have a right  not to breath my smoke and share my habit with me But I will not support any business that does not cater for my likes or preferences. I will, if possible, avoid attending   any function where smoking is banned.


I used to sail “Fireball” racing dinghies but sadly have grown too old for it. I  enjoy watching good soccer or Rugby on TV and watch Wimbledon tennis “on line”  each year.


Fireballs planning under spinnaker.

These fireballs are using  “reaching spinnakers” which accept airflow from the beam (side) and produce plenty of power. The Fireballs hull shape causes it to climb onto the surface of the water and skid along at speed , which is called planning. Notice the crew is hanging on a cable from the top of the mast and his body is horizontal to the boat. That crew has two sheets (ropes) in his hands that he uses to keep that  spinnaker and the jib sail drawing maximum power. It is a thrilling and very physical ride. No noisy engine, just the swish of the water and the thump as the hull hits the waves. You can buy a commercially made fireball with fiberglass  hull, but a wooden one is lighter and faster. You can get the Plans to build your own out of marine ply,  click this link  to read about the fireball, email addresses are given for requesting plans. For more information Search Google for “Fireball dinghy”.

Favorite Pastimes.

My computer . I run the Linux operating system. – Internet – writing stories  and  doing engineering projects, as you can see on on my company website  www.enerplex.co.za.

I have two manuscripts ready for publication and several others partly written or in the research stage. I read at least three  technical reports or papers every day and enthusiastically keep track of the developments and changes occurring in science and technology.

I  found out how and built this website and four other websites myself. My  friend Eolake told me that all the many colors I used for text, made  my site look like “TOYS R US”. I thought about it and decided to keep learning and updating it. I wonder what he would say now. Eolake did not like my use of  different color text to highlight different ideas or subjects.

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