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This is an extract of the Chapter headed  ” The Gspot” in my “Book Of Sex For Boys”. The full chapter has much more information to help you succeed at giving a women  the greatest experience of her life.  Very few women ever experience a Gspot orgasm. The book will  give any boy  first class in-depth knowledge about sex. He will know more about sex than most older men. Adult men could also benefit a great deal from reading this book. It tells all the secrets you need to know to seduce and get   women for sex and have them coming back for more. Practical knowledge about Gspot orgasm can not be found anywhere else.

I  based the content of the book on my own experiences and the  Input from a group of men from all over the world, who wanted to make sure that the book did not leave out important details. A very important contributor is Dr Pascal Rassi.

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