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me and polly

The rapid advances in electronics, science and technology led me to write this predictive Science fiction story. It is based on my knowledge of computing, my engineering background and reading a wide range of scientific papers and reports.
                All technical advances start off as an idea in a science fiction book. The inventors and designers and engineers start the journey to make these fantastic products after the idea is written about in a science fiction story. In this book i have written a series of interlinked stories to inspire new things that will become common place in the future. The characters get to meet the others and they help each other coping with the problems and circumstances that new technology throws at them.

226000 words in 53 chapters.

 Digit-1K Paper back print version is  130 x 200 x 45 mm.

Digit-1K e-Book version is 10,5 Megabyte. page size of the ebook version is 130 x 200 mm which nicely fits the screen of most ebook readers.

I can produce any ebook format required.

I have  prepared a double spaced line version of it to fit A4 paper  for use by editors.

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I think my authors foreword presents the book better but if you prefer synopsis it is available for viewing and download

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