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“Book of Sex for Boys” –  is ready for Publication

“Digit-1K”  is ready for Publication

I am an as yet unpublished author. I have been too busy  writing the stories to make the effort required to get published.

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Digit-1K  Science fiction. Manuscript Ready for Publication Tags Science fiction

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The JOB Makers6x9-12chebook  This manuscript is ready for Publication. Tags Unemployment, Jobs,

Jobmakersfull cover200X276b

This is the full cover for the paperback edition

Book Of  Sex For Boys:

I  have a grandson. Watching him, I began to remember  my sex drive, my silly mistakes and all sorts of very embarrassing things that happened when I was his age and later. I  painfully remembered, what I was not told about sex. . I agonized  over, what I should tell him and this book was born. click   heading  for Synopsis. .

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I have four  HUGE adventure stories.  They are all  fiction, based on historical fact. All  of them are  in a state of being partly written. To complete them,  needs lots of time and some research. To see  summaries  of  the story lines click on other stories.

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