John Lee.


A fictional re- construction of a true story based on John’s diaries. In 1818  the Squire banished John from the district..  He goes to Bristol and joins the crew of a clipper  ship. They are discovered smuggling by British excise men and have to flee British justice.They repel a pirate attack in the Caribbean  & deliver slaves from Africa to New Orléans. The British catch up with John and he is press ganged to crew a ship delivering Settlers to the Southern Coast of Africa. John Jumps ship at the new settlement at  Algoa Bay and has to again flee from British justice. He goes far inland and comes into conflict with Arab Slavers. Eventual arrival of Mzilikatzi  a brother of King Shaka of the Zulu Nation gives John the opportunity to join Mzilikatzi’s  warriors Fighting pitched battles  with the Arabs, ridding the Territory of the slavers,  freeing the slaves and destroying the Arab  fortresses. No manuscript or synopsis ready yet.

This is the beginning of a series of books based on John Lee’s Diaries.

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