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Adventureslider3-cutI am working on the three manuscripts shown in the picture above  and have others to do later.

Irene.     click to view and download Irene synopsis


This manuscript is in the research stage. there is still work to be done on it. As example the names of Irene’s  brothers and sisters  are written as B1 for brother 1 and S1 for sister 1.. I still have to clarify correct spelling of the Polish names. The cover models name is  Michelle Kelly Phillips , find her on facebook.

 John Lee :  A part fiction reconstruction  of an adventure story based on Johns Diary . There will be several  books to cover this huge adventure . click here for more information


A fictional reconstruction of the Great Trek . I have  a small group experience all the adventures and tragic events experienced by different groups during the great trek, Doing so amplifies the Hardships and courage of the Boer people in their TREK  to get away from British rule. The way  “the West was won ” in America  has become folk Lore and been extensively covered in Literature and Film. The story of the BOERS is just as big, and I hope I can do it Justice. No  Synopsis yet.

Slaver. Will be a sequel to the story of John Lee

After many adventures John travels deep into unexplored Africa. He enlists the aid of the Matabele King to throw the Arab slavers out of the territory. Joining  the kings warriors he lays siege to and attacks  the Slaver’s in their fortresses.   Slaughtering the Arabs and   freeing the slaves. This book will have photographs of the ruins of the forts   which are known today as the “ZIMBABWE Ruins”.  A foolish academic claimed  that the ruins were built by an ancient civilization. John Lee tells that the largest ruins were in fact a Mosque and a fortress where captured members of the population where held before being shipped  out  to be sold as slaves.    No Synopsis yet.

Book Of Sex for Girls:

There are so many Single  parents today, who have difficulty teaching their children about  sex. A father raising a girl would not be equipped to tell her what she must know to avoid embarrassment and the tragedy of unwanted pregnancy. Many people have pressed me to  create a Girls book using the same format as that of SEX FOR BOYS.  I would be very interested to Collaborate with a broad-minded Lady who has  writing skills to help produce it.       To TOP OF PAGE        Agents wanted    click       message to  me website security

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