Publishers & Literary Agents wanted.

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  Publishers  and Literary Agents wanted.

I  would be  an asset to any publisher or agent because I have no  “Writers Block”  and plenty of interesting, Sell-able  stories to tell. Most of my writing is historical. My science fiction manuscript “Digit-1K” is a History Of THE FUTURE ?. This book  would make a spectacular movie and I have little chance of putting it in the right hands without an agent who knows how.

Take a good look at the Synopsis which you can get access to from the  “Manuscripts and from the Other Stories”  pages.

I am desperate for an agent. I would prefer an agent  that will take on all my books, but can accept an agent who is willing to take on  only one of them.

As you can see from the manuscripts pages, I have several stories and all of them are very different. I will be producing new manuscripts for at least the next five years and then start with follow-up books on those already published.

I could publish as  Ebooks and POD  myself but much prefer to share income with an agent who would have the contacts and handle marketing, leaving me free to get on with writing. To keep my fiction believable, I invest a lot of time in research for each story.

You sell them, I write them and we both make money. Click here to Contact me.

You can view and download my query Letter  by clicking ths link  query letter

Agents please phone me  on +27780394517 and I will call you back immediately.

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